About Us

I am Heather Brown and I welcome you to my website, vividskyco.com! I started blogging in 2012 to document my travels – it was my gap year then in college so I wanted to see the world.

I wanted to put my adventures into words and upload my pictures as things happen because I thought that a physical journal might get damaged, lost, wet – you get it, my memoirs forever gone! I wasn’t really adept with anything online then, I just wanted my memories immortalized.

However, during my travels, I met wonderful people who changed my view in blogging forever. Before I knew it, blogging became my world! I discovered online marketing and I haven’t looked back eversince.

So here I am, helping people new to the beautiful worldwide web with their online marketing! It has since become an interest to me and I could write anything about it for days – so this blog happened.

Doing this has not stopped me from doing my other passion either, I still travel a lot! Anything is possible under the vivid blue skies above!