One of the biggest factor when it comes to driving traffic to your website is link building. In the world of Freelance SEO’s, there are also some various factors that can help your site to be competitive in the Search Engine Results Page. There’s the on page optimization, crawling, sitemaps, but if you look closely at it, link building is what makes the SEO driving factor move. When it comes to the most traffic-heavy keywords where the competition is really tough, links turn out to be the only key that will open the door to the first page of search results for you. That clearly explains why link building is one of the most tedious SEO tasks.

Nowadays, there are so many ways to build links for your website. You can use directory submissions that will deliver hundreds of links to your website. When implemented right they will make you rank high, in the long run, however, the quality of these links is not quite up to the standard you'd want it to be.

Then there’s blog commenting and forum posting. By participating in various forums and commenting on blogs, you can build a reputation for your business. You build brand awareness and connect directly with the customers and your target market, you can get feedbacks and create the good customer, business relationships.  The SEO techniques on your linking profile can be really worthy as you can have good communication with your target audience.

One of the today’s popular link building techniques using social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn, however, some people get it wrong by thinking about Reddit, or Digg are the same as Facebook  a link building tool but they are rather important channels of information that you can use for distribution and marketing. What this means is that in order to employ them you first need to create something valuable or interesting. You don't just jump into twitter post something like hey, click me and link to me. You first need to provide some information or product which will be original, unique, innovative or useful enough to get people's attention and make them want to link to you.

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Keep in mind that the most important part of link building is to be creative and interesting no matter how boring and ordinary your niche is. Even if you deal with financial loans or life insurance that usually offer boring content creating something that’s very unique, appealing or even something that can go viral online. You really have to think outside the box and change the game out of the ordinary, or maybe create something from a fresh point of view and come up with something that will make everybody link to your website.

Following this advanced link building strategies and guidelines will definitely help in any SEO traffic driving campaigns. With all the hard work and effort, you'll definitely be able to get a good quality link to your website. Organic links will naturally flow into your own website.